I knew you would get in here...
Come, come, I'll show you what they told me to do to find the only way to heaven.
Should you follow this way, you shall come eventually to a door.
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
And if yours has been the scared path (like mine one), then I shall great you from beyond.

The original pictures are taken at:
Biosphere-2, Tucson, Arizona - "Pray"
USS "Little Rock", Buffalo, New York - "The door"
Castelet, Copenhagen - "Mr. Hyde in October" (Oct '94)

The mysterious, deeply passionate, and enigmatically eloquent persona of Edward Hyde has been grossly misperceived by common public, for which the most profound evidence can be found in contemporary painting , as well as in modern theatre . We hope that an educated reader will not rely upon the distorted and malconceived image of Edward Hyde, but will take trouble in rediscovering the immaculate truth that has remained hidden in between the lines of the only authentic and trustworthy story of Hyde's life.

For those not satisfied with a plain text description of the course of events, here's the floor plan of Dr. Jekyll's house. For those still remaining indulged into scepticism about fragile and sensitive nature of Edward Hyde, there are two old photos of Mr. Hyde that we have obtained from a very reliable and trustworthy source in the Scotland Yard. Enjoy a romantic evening in the company of Edward and Lucy . Or take a peek at philosophical dispute between Henry and Edward .