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ISSN 0236-2457


Published by the Bureau of Astronomical Communications
of the Russian Academy of Sciences
and Sternberg Astronomical Institute

No.15xx, 1996 September 5

( )

Title of the Article in English
(Capitalize All the Words, except for Prepositions and Articles)

Abstract. This text contains Instructions for our Authors; at the same time, it shows the general layout of a contribution to the Astronomicheskii Tsirkulyar as it will appear published in the electronic form or printed on paper. See the source file `sample.ltx', stored in this directory, to get an idea on how we got this text. Place your abstract here, it must not exceed ten lines. It is in English, if the article itself is in Russian, and vice versa.

The text of your article starts here.

We accept articles in all branches of astronomy. Preference is given to short notes containing information that should be distributed as soon as possible (e.g., discoveries of supernovae, novae, comets; important novel theoretical results, etc.) Articles submitted should be accompanied by a recommendation from a seminar specialized in the given branch of astronomy; please justify in brief the necessity of rapid publication.

The Editors will greatly appreciate if you submit your contribution in the form suitable for electronic publication and subsequent printing on paper. It is envisaged that the notes accepted by the Editors will be placed in our WWW server (temporary address: and thus will become available to all the WWW users. From this moment on, the paper receives its reference with No. and page(s) of the Astronomicheskii Tsirkulyar. The electronic version will be distributed also via e-mail to all libraries and institutions that possess facilities necessary to process the electronic version. When a certain number of the contributions are accumulated, a traditional paper version wll be printed and distributed via snailmail according to our mailing list.

The volume of the contribution normally should not exceed 4 kilobytes of the text with minimum number of figures and tabular material. Please compose in LaTeX, using our stylefile `atsirk.sty' and the file `sample.ltx' (input file for the present text) as a template. Submit your article by e-mail to (if in Russian, please uuencode it, to avoid problems with noncompatible cyrillic keyboards).

However, if you have difficulties with computer equipment, e-mail communication, or LaTeX, we, for the time being, accept articles in usual form (see Astronomicheskii Tsirkulyar No. 1543-1548, Information for Authors), text taped and figures drawn on paper. In this case, send your article by conventional mail to the address given at the end of this text.

Below we give you some examples of how to compose equations and tables and to insert figures (which can be sent as uuencoded gif format files).

Evident inequalities:


(this formula is not numbered).

Here is the Saha equation


where tex2html_wrap_inline79 is the number of ionized atoms in the ground state (cm tex2html_wrap_inline81 ), tex2html_wrap_inline83 is the statistical weight of this state, tex2html_wrap_inline85 is number density of free electrons (cm tex2html_wrap_inline81 ).

Equation of radiative transfer in spherical coordinates:


where tex2html_wrap_inline89 is volume emissivity.

In cylindrical coordinates, the gravitational potential of a body with arbitrary distribution of density tex2html_wrap_inline91 is:


where the integration is carried out over the entire volume V of the body.

An example of an illustration:

Figure: Plot of stellar magnitudes vs time

Table: An example of a small table. Four brightest stars


References should be given in parentheses (Kippenhahn R. and Thomas H.-C., A&A, 1983, 124, 206). Use the abbreviations accepted now in astronomy journals (see, e.g., the Astrophysical Journal):
AZh for Astronomicheskii Zhurnal
PAZh for Pis'ma v Astronomicheskii Zhurnal
ApJ for Astrophysical Journal
AJ for Astronomical Journal
A&A for Astronomy and Astrophysics
MNRAS for Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

At the end, please indicate author's name(s) and affiliation(s):

Sternberg Astron. Inst. ..
13 Universitetskij prosp.G.M.Rudnitskij
Moscow, 119899 Russia
Received September 5, 1996

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Andrew A. Martis
Thu Sep 5 12:06:23 GMT+0300 1996